Hello! Thanks for stopping by. You can come in and take a look around or let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Randy Hess and I was a freelance illustrator after graduating Virginia Commonwealth University. I slowly gravitated away from illustration to paintings and became more involved in framing, furniture, antique restoration. I currently show my paintings with ADA gallery in Richmond, VA. I moved to Norfolk in 2008 after meeting a rather lovely lady. Soon after, I realized it was time to work for myself. NEST HOME came to fruition in December 2012. 

I have close to 20 years experience custom framing. A frame is like clothing. A lot of art is naked without it. The frame doesn't make it better. Clothes don't make us better. They protect and serve the purpose of presentation.

In 2016 I launched my own frame line, SPRINGFIELD BESPOKE FRAMES. Named after my grandfather. My daily work companion and inspiration, even though he's long gone. My first set of frames are the ESTELLE series. Named after my grandmother and my most popular sellers. In March 2017 I closed my shop NEST HOME to work solely on my frame line. I now wholesale to other frame shops and boutiques. Individual clients can contact me directly for retail frames.  

Some of my clients include: Capital One, Sentara, Chrysler Museum, Heritage Museum and Gardens, Land America, Wachovia, VCU, University of Richmond, Black Dog Gallery (floor cloths), MOCA, Norfolk Southern, National Agricultural Agency, and best of all...the people that let me do what I do.